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I'd be lost without you, honey.
And, I need to tell you why.
You are my one and only love,
The star that lights my sky.

I'd feel just like the April rain,
Except there would be no showers -
Or, maybe like the honeybee,
With no nectar for my flowers.

I'd be just like a windmill;
with no breezes left to blow -
Or, just like the prodigal son,
Who has no place to go.

I'd feel just like the sparrow,
Who had a broken wing -
Or, a multicolored robin,
Whose forgotten how to sing.

I would be the clear blue sky,
Without a hint of blue -
Or, the lovely deep red roses,
Unkissed by morning dew.

So, honey, if you've wondered how I'd feel
Without you by my side,
Why, I'd feel just like the whippoorwill,
Who had lost his will to fly.


Vickie Lambdin
copyright 2001







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